The Frontplay Headwear Family

The Frontplay Headwear journey started back in 2013 when two brothers, Aswad and Asim Khandker, wanted to wear caps representing their own local basketball club. As they searched for customized merchandise, the lack of range they encountered sparked the idea of creating Frontplay Headwear. They wanted to help other people and organizations find what they themselves were looking for; high-quality caps with a unique design to represent an organizational identity. With our founders having their roots in Bangladesh, they started to look for cap manufacturers in Bangladesh and finally found one cap manufacturer who could help them producing small batches of caps with 150 pcs minimum per design. After a couple of years when business started to take off, the founders found an additional and more professional cap manufacturer in Bangladesh who makes caps for bigger well-known brands and could help them with bigger batches. Since three years back, communication with the cap factory in Bangladesh is a daily task. Our founders are operationally involved in many steps of the process and they communicate in Bengali with the factory, why the relationship is even stronger.

Today Frontplay Headwear is the leading supplier of high-quality caps of its kind in the Nordics and have clients all over the world. The company has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden from where communication and design work take place. What drives us is to see how an idea goes from a sketch to a final product. We love the design, sample and production process! We love it when our clients send us their logo and ask us to be creative with the design.

The idea has always been simple – to deliver customized caps of high quality as merchandise to brands, sports clubs, events, organizations and more, while the ultimate goal is to become market leaders in the world of high-quality cap manufacturing.