The Cap Elements

We describe the basic cap elements below which are vital already from the start in our design process. As always, below information are only our suggestions. You may come up with what you think is important and we will focus on those parts.

Finished Product

All done! Your custom made collection is ready to hit the shelves. Your brand ambassadors can now express themselves in style and show the world what they’re passionate about.

All Custom Cap Manufacturing

Every single design is a separate project for us, and all have their different needs. The cap that our clients have in their minds are aimed for a purpose. Our clients already have a design in their mind most of the time since they know what their target group have asked for. We, together with our clients, goes through every single detail on the cap and create a tech pack for the client to approve. When that step is done, we do the sampling and sometimes there are complicated logos and we don’t mind doing test embroideries until they are approved.  

We put a lot of effort on the inside details since they give a genuine feeling for the cap. If you are a brand, the inside details are a must but if you are a sport club then you could as well go with stock cap with your local embroidery store if you want to make things faster. If you choose this option, your fans will already know you made a short cut without considering the details. One big reason why our clients choose us is because they know that their customers or fans value all the details on the cap. The details are what makes us stand out throughout the whole cap manufacturing process and we are really proud of this.

Most of the caps we produce will be put on the shelves for sale to final consumer so it’s very important for us when manufacturing the cap that every single piece of cap goes through strict quality controls. We have our own Quality Controllers on sight that reports any kinds of issues.